Ninja Warrior Gloucester: A Fun Way for Little Ones to Exercise

June 13, 2024

At Ninja Warrior Gloucester, we offer a unique and exhilarating way for children to stay active, have fun, and develop essential physical and mental skills.

At Ninja Warrior Gloucester, we offer a unique and exhilarating way for children to stay active, have fun, and develop essential physical and mental skills. At our indoor play area, we boast great facilities for children of all ages to enjoy, from soft play in Gloucestershire to an immersive ninja warrior course.  

What to Expect with our Ninja Warrior Gloucester  

Take to the ropes or balance your way to safety, our ninja warrior course is the perfect activity to stimulate coordination and get your children laughing. This indoor activity in Gloucestershire is filled with hanging bars, foam pits, climbing frames and much more! This activity in our indoor play area is perfect for older children who fancy some friendly competition or wish to embrace their inner ninja.  

Our areas are manned by a team that ensures safety is always in place. We provide guidance, support, and encouragement to help each child navigate the courses safely. This means that parents can sit back and enjoy some refreshments in our on-site cafe that overlooks our indoor play facility in Cheltenham.

Health Benefits of Ninja Warrior Challenges

It’s no secret that some children are not interested in the mundane types of exercise, but we have a solution. Our kids ninja warrior Gloucester is designed to get the heart racing, blood flowing and laughter roaring throughout Funky Warehouse. With an elevated heart rate, this is an ideal solution to keep your children healthy and active, without them even noticing! Regular physical activity is also linked to better mental health, reducing stress and anxiety, and boosting overall mood.

Improved Strength  

We’re not getting your child in the gym lifting heavy weights, instead, they can improve their strength by getting stuck into the ninja warrior activities. Swinging from monkey bars, scaling the climbing frames and other obstacles will naturally build strength and range of motion.  

Improved Motor Skills

Ninja Warrior challenges are excellent for refining motor skills. The complex movements involved in the courses help children develop both gross and fine motor skills. Enhanced motor skills contribute to better handwriting, improved performance in sports, and overall physical competence.

Building Friendships and Teamwork

Our indoor play area is more than just a place for physical activity; it’s a community where children build friendships and learn the value of teamwork. Working together to overcome obstacles fosters a sense of teamwork and mutual support. These social interactions are vital for developing communication skills from a young age.  

Book Your Child a Ninja Warrior Experience in Gloucester  

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Cheltenham, this indoor play area is not one to be missed. Amongst many other things to do in Gloucestershire, Funky Warehouse is a popular favourite with families, as we have something for everyone to enjoy. Let your child exercise in a new and improved way, but most of all, our ninja warrior Gloucester offers a day filled with fun.

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