Benefits of Indoor Activities For Children

December 14, 2021

Booking at Funky Warehouse isn't just for a day of fun, it comes with many other benefits!

What are the benefits of indoor play areas for children?

Looking for the best indoor play area near me? Bringing the kids down for some fun in Cheltenham comes with many positives. Guaranteed enjoyment alongside physical, mental and social benefits.

Physical Exercise

Indoor trampolining and other activities are a great enabler of getting children to exercise in an exciting way. They can bounce around and keep fit and healthy by having fun, which is good for them and their parents! One of the most significant benefits is that indoor activities allow children to stay active and engaged, even when the weather outside is not conducive to outdoor play.

Engaging in physical activities at an indoor play area such as jumping, climbing, or playing games can help children develop their gross motor skills, balance, and coordination.

Encouraging Socialising

Attending a place of indoor fun can naturally lead to children interacting with each other and having fun. Watch your child’s social skills blossom as they play with other children in an environment that encourages that behaviour.

Indoor activities can be great for children's socialisation because they provide a structured environment for children to engage in cooperative play with their peers. Many indoor activities, such as board games or play areas, require children to work together and communicate effectively to achieve a shared goal. This can help children develop their communication and social skills, as they learn to interact with their peers, share their ideas, and negotiate with one another.

New Experience

Exploring a new environment can be an ideal way to get your kids used to different scenery and situations. It stimulates them to explore the place, interact with other children and have fun!


Funky Warehouse is guaranteed to get that serotonin flowing, which means your kids will be full of happiness. By giving them freedom in a safe indoor space, it can benefit their mental health and lift their spirits. This can then be reflected in their schoolwork and encourage motivation at school, alongside this they can apply the social skills they have gained.

Parent Down-Time

Whilst the kids are off bouncing on a trampoline or tackling our soft play in Cheltenham, it is a great opportunity for parents to relax and not have to worry. It can be equally as nice for parents to socialise in the café and have a well-deserved rest.

Visit us

Funky Warehouse is an affordable place to bring your kids and experience all these benefits. If you would like to book indoor trampolining, ninja warrior or soft play in Cheltenham, you can book your slot online. Come and visit us for some festive fun!

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