Indoor play areas for autistic children

March 22, 2022

Don't feel limited to the indoor activities that work well for autistic children.

Indoor play areas for autistic children

Sometimes it can seem difficult to find fun activities for children with autism and you can feel limited on your options. Have you considered soft play areas that are local to you?

Soft play for autistic children

Soft play is a great indoor activity for children that are on the autism spectrum and can suit all ages and abilities. This can make parents feel at ease knowing there is the perfect indoor activity for their children where they can feel safe and happy.

In this blog, we have set out some of the many benefits that can come with soft play areas.

Benefits of soft play areas


Even though your child may turn up to the soft play centre alone, when they get stuck in, there will be friendships and interaction built. Some autistic children can find it hard to form that interaction or express their emotions but with your support, they can work on these social skills and play alongside fellow soft players.

Mental and sensory stimulation

At Funky Warehouse, our soft play area in Cheltenham is an amazing place for sensory satisfaction. You will find lots of equipment that ranges in colour, material and motions, which can be brilliant to achieve that sensory stimulation. In a fun environment, you can watch their little faces light up and feel immersed in the soft play centre. The enjoyment that they will get can also spark mental stimulation and allow them to feel great.

Great safety

You can feel confident knowing that your child will be able to play in a completely safe environment. Our SEN Sessions in Cheltenham are protected with soft mats, padding and staff to monitor the area, so you can let your child feel free and play in a safe space. We understand that sometimes children with autism may have sudden outbursts or take time to learn some things, so they can do this comfortably at Funky Warehouse.

Motor development

Another benefit of our soft play is that it can help the development of motor skills for autistic children. They can explore a range of motions from running and jumping to understanding the need to be delicate and careful with balancing or slower movements. Soft play is full of moving and static obstacles that can encourage all these motions to be used in a safe premises.

SEN Sessions in Cheltenham

At Funky Warehouse, we have dedicated sessions for those with special educational needs. Within these sessions, there will be a limited amount of people in the play areas with low music and lighting to help the children feel relaxed.

You can feel at ease knowing that your child can enjoy themselves in a space that is perfect for children that wouldn’t like a noisy and busy environment. Book a special educational needs activity at our indoor play centre in Cheltenham.

Check out our Google reviews to discover what our customers say about the indoor soft play in Cheltenham.

If you would like more information, please get in touch with our team by calling 01242 374105.

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