Top 5 benefits of soft play areas

January 5, 2023

Soft play is an increasingly popular activity for children of all ages, and it's easy to see why.

Soft play is an increasingly popular activity for children of all ages, and it's easy to see why.  

Funky Warehouse is home to a brilliant soft play area in the West Midlands, welcoming children to come and explore the various obstacles and environments within the indoor play area. If you are searching for soft play areas near me, you can expect to see slides, climbing frames, moving functionalities and more in a play kingdom for children.  

We offer affordable, fun things to do in Gloucestershire that is ideal for family trips or catching up with friends. Not only is it a great way for kids to have fun and burn off some energy, but it also offers a number of benefits that can help support their physical, cognitive, and social development.

Here are the top five benefits of soft play:

Physical development:  

Soft play provides a safe and controlled environment where children can engage in physical activity. The soft, foam-based structures allow children to crawl, climb, and slide without the risk of injury that might be present in a traditional outdoor play area. This helps to build strength, coordination, and balance, and can even improve gross motor skills.  

Cognitive development:  

Soft play areas also offer a range of cognitive benefits to younger children. Children are exposed to new and challenging environments, which can stimulate their minds and help them learn and explore. Our soft play centre also encourages problem-solving, as children figure out how to navigate through the obstacle structures and complete the course. This can help to build critical thinking skills and promote brain development, something that can be incredibly beneficial to stimulate.  

Social development:  

Soft play is a very social activity for kids to enjoy as it provides an opportunity for children to interact with one another. They can play together, share toys and equipment, and take turns, which is a fantastic characteristic that parents love to see amongst their children. Furthermore, this can help to develop social skills such as communication, collaboration, and teamwork, providing a natural opportunity for children to express themselves and establish their confidence with others. At Funky Warehouse, we actively encourage children to work together and form friendships with various age groups within the soft play centre.

Emotional development:  

This recreational activity can have a noticeably positive impact on children's emotional development as well. It allows children to express themselves through play, which can be a healthy outlet for emotions such as stress, frustration, and anxiety. Soft play can also provide a sense of accomplishment and boost self-esteem, as children are able to complete tasks and navigate through the structures.

Sensory development:  

Soft play is also beneficial for sensory development. The variety of textures, colours, and sounds that children encounter in a soft play environment can help to stimulate the senses and support sensory integration. This can be particularly beneficial for children with sensory processing disorders, as it can help them to better process and interpret sensory information.

If your child requires some adjustments to our usual soft play, we can make the relevant adjustments to make them feel comfortable and avoid any potential overstimulation. Get in touch with our team to find out more about SEN soft play sessions at Funky Warehouse.

Choose soft play near me  

Overall, this activity is a fantastic option for children of all ages and when you find the right soft play centre near me, such as Funky Warehouse, you are left with a great space to properly engage in the activity. Book in for a soft play session with our friendly team and you won’t be disappointed, adults can sit back in our on-site café and overlook the indoor play area’s antics.  

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