Why are soft play areas good for children?

June 24, 2022

Our soft play in Cheltenham comes with many benefits to children, find out what these are.

Are soft play areas good for children?

Soft play can naturally build on the mental, physical, and social developments of children as they immerse themselves in a warm and welcoming environment.

Our soft play in Cheltenham welcomes little guests to enjoy a session of slides, foam pits, moving and static obstacles, spider nets and much more. This is an indoor play kingdom for children and we wanted to create a space that they would all love.

Social skills

Soft play is great for socialising as children of various ages get stuck in to our activities and begin interactions with each other. This can help to build confidence in a child and enable them to be more comfortable at conversing with other children. A further benefit of the soft play areas is that the social skills can blossom in a non-pressurised and forced environment as the children are all enjoying the apparatus and happily getting along with each other to tackle the activities.

Mental stimulation

Mental stimulation can also be positively benefited at our soft play in Cheltenham as it gives a child a fun activity to focus on and draw their attention. The obstacles and activities can challenge them to work things out and understand how to collaborate with other young people. Children will start to recognise shapes and patterns in this environment as well as their problem-solving skills being lightly challenged, which can become an amazing quality of theirs. Giving your children something fun to do is a great way to keep your child’s mental health in a good way and their brains developing well.

When interacting with other children, a child is likely to go through a wave of emotions and when playing together, some of these emotions may be shown. Now you may think of that as a negative but it is, in fact, the opposite, as kids will be able to understand and recognise their own and others emotions which can benefit them in other social situations. Your children will be able to learn a lot about themselves and each other in a soft play area.

Motor development

Soft play areas can improve the motor skills in children too., our soft play in Gloucester will encourage children to work on their different movement skills such as jumping, balancing, climbing and more. This is all done in a safe space that meets all health and safety regulations, so you can feel confident in letting your children play freely in our premises.

Soft play areas at Funky Warehouse

If you are looking for soft play areas near me, consider trying out Funky Warehouse. We wanted to create a place of pure fun for our little guests that comes with many benefits to them and can help their development in all areas. Come and see our soft play in Gloucester and you’ll understand and see what we mean! Book a session online today or get in touch with our team and we would love to help.

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