Are trampolines safe for children?

April 5, 2022

As a parent, you may be thinking is trampolining a safe activity for children?

Are trampolines safe for children?

You may be questioning whether trampolining is a safe activity for your child and be hesitant about trying it out.

With young children, it can be hard to let go of the reigns when you are unsure of the safety behind an activity.

Like anything else, trampolining can come with a risk of injury, but this risk can be minimalised and certain measures can be taken to do this.

How can you make trampolining safe?

• Use safety nets

• Have low-level trampolines

• Ensure the framework of the trampoline is in good condition

• Step on and off trampolines

• Try and avoid hard surfaces

• Don’t have too many children on a trampoline

When it comes to toddlers and very young children, we wouldn’t recommend that they use trampolines. This is due to them not having as much control in their movements when on a trampoline, unlike slightly older children.

At Funky Warehouse, our indoor trampolining in Gloucester is open to children aged over 5. This age limit is in place to reduce the risk of safety or injury on our trampolines. When bouncing with older children, it could result in injury to either child but particularly the young ones. You can read more about our indoor fun safety tips in a recent blog of ours.

We have a limit on the number of children able to join a bounce session, this is again to ensure safety is at the forefront of our minds. If our indoor trampolining centre was to get too crowded, it can lead to people getting in the way and not being able to enjoy the best time possible.

Indoor trampoline parks are a great and safe activity for children that are the right age. In an enclosed environment with protection all around, there is less chance of injury in comparison to an outdoor trampoline on concrete.

At Funky Warehouse, you can feel confident with letting your child on our trampolines. We take all the appropriate measures to ensure that the trampolines are safe for use by everyone. Our team are always watching over the bouncers and making sure everything is running well and there are no potential hazards or risks.

If you have a trampoline at home, you may choose to let your toddler play on it, which is completely your decision. It can be a different situation when there is one child on a well-protected trampoline, this could still be deemed as safe. Whereas an indoor play area filled with excitable children can hold more of a risk to the really little ones.

Activities for younger children  

Don’t worry, we have fun indoor activities for young children in Cheltenham too.

Soft play areas

Soft play areas can be an amazing activity for under 5’s and young children that don’t fancy trampolining. At Funky Warehouse, our soft play areas are filled with slides, rope swings, foam pits and much more for the little ones to enjoy.

Soft play encourages children to play together nicely in a fun environment, improving social skills and allowing them to burn off some energy.

Visit us

Whether you want to join a session of indoor trampolining in Gloucester or venture off into our soft play areas, we have something for all ages to enjoy. Visit us at Funky Warehouse and you are guaranteed to have a day of fun.

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