Should you visit soft play areas after school?

October 28, 2022

Soft play is a fantastic activity for children to enjoy after school.

Soft play areas are a popular favourite amongst young children across the country. Funky Warehouse is home to a soft play area in Cheltenham and welcomes your little ones to come and explore our impressive indoor play area. You may think that this is bound to be a weekend activity, however, there are several benefits that are partnered with visiting soft play area after school.  

Our team will expand on these benefits within this blog!  

Benefits of soft play areas  

Helps to relax the mind  

After a long day at school that requires an incredible amount of concentration and focus, it can be good for children to switch that working brain off and enjoy some downtime and genuine fun. Absorbing all this information during a day at school can be overwhelming and therefore, allowing your child to let off some steam and relax their brain is ideal for their development and mental health.


We all push for our children to do well at school, but distractions and disinterest can sometimes lead to unruly behaviour. Soft play areas are an indoor play area heaven for children and they love to explore the various obstacles such as slides, swings, climbing frames and more. Therefore, to encourage or reward good behaviour at school, you could treat your children to a session at Funky Warehouse and that won’t disappoint.  

Good night sleep  

After burning all their energy by climbing, running and jumping throughout our soft play in Cheltenham, your children are likely going to be worn out and get a deep, good night’s sleep. This sleep helps your child’s body to recuperate and be prepared mentally and physically for another hard-working day at school. Sleep is a crucial part in maintaining a child’s health and well-being, something us parents want to encourage. Therefore, a simple visit to soft play areas after school comes with great physical and mental benefits.

Communicating skills  

Your child is used to communicating with children in their class at school, however, their interactions may be limited to being only with this enclosed group. At a soft play area, your child will be able to mix with like-minded children of various ages, enhancing their communication skills and building confidence in making new friends. Watch your child’s personality and character develop whilst making quality friends in a welcoming environment at Funky Warehouse.  

Quality time together  

A 5 day school week and a parent’s working routine can make you feel as though you haven’t spent true quality time with your child. Adding a visit to soft play areas after school creates a fun activity for you to laugh together and build a fantastic relationship. Similarly, siblings will form a closer bond as they explore the components of a soft play and develop together, which is something all parents love to see.  

Visit our soft play near me

If you fancy trying an after-school trip to an indoor soft play centre, book on to Funky Warehouse and you won’t be disappointed. We look forward to seeing you all.

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