Can a soft play centre develop social skills?

February 1, 2023

At Funky Warehouse, we offer a clean and controlled space for kids to interact with each other and develop their social awareness, communication and cooperation skills.

Soft play centres have become a popular destination for families with young children, offering a safe and fun environment for kids to play and explore. Beyond the physical benefits of play, many parents wonder if soft play areas can also help their children develop valuable social skills.

At Funky Warehouse, we offer a clean and controlled space for kids to interact with each other and develop their social awareness, communication and cooperation skills.As an indoor play area in Cheltenham, we see a wide array of little characters enter our soft play areas and each individual leaves with a great smile on their face.  

Some of our little guests may not be so confident as they initially enter the soft play near me, however, with a trip to Funky Warehouse, you can truly watch your child’s character develop and social skills blossom.  

What are the benefits of soft play areas?

Encouraging Play with Peers

Soft play centres provide a space where children can interact with other kids their own age. This allows them to develop their social skills as they play and communicate with others, beginning to understand how to form friendships and understand different types of emotions.

Problem Solving

A good indoor soft play area should be filled with obstacles and challenges that children must navigate in order to play. This encourages children to think creatively and work together to overcome obstacles. This naturally helps children to develop problem-solving skills and encourages teamwork amongst children and toddlers.  


Soft play activities often have limited space and resources, requiring children to understand the concept of sharing and taking turns in order to play fairly. This will simply promote good manners and help children to learn the importance of being considerate and respectful towards others, something that parents love to see amongst their children.  


A natural environment to provide children with a way to try new things and make mistakes. This helps build confidence, self-esteem and independence, all of which are important for developing social skills. Equally, children will easily bond over the fun equipment at hand and learn how to communicate with one another, forming great friendships outside of a school setting.  

Another aspect of confidence can be built up as children make use of the moving and static obstacles, teaching them to confidently jump, run, co-ordinate and develop other motoring skills.  

Visit our soft play centre  

If you are looking for soft play near me, Funky Warehouse is the ideal venue for children of all ages to truly have some fun. A great place to visit after school or over the weekends with an on-site café for parents to sit back and watch the children enjoy themselves. Soft play is an unmatched way of encouraging social benefits amongst children and the wish for development can be disguised in a fun environment, a win-win for both children and parents!  

Book onto our soft play in Cheltenham and you won’t be disappointed.  

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