Indoor play areas vs outdoors

January 23, 2023

In this blog, we will explore the differences between these two settings and expand on the key characteristics of each.

Indoor play areas and outdoor play areas both offer unique benefits for children of all ages. Funky Warehouse homes indoor trampolining, soft play and ninja warrior at our play centre in Gloucestershire. In this blog, we will explore the differences between these two settings and expand on the key characteristics of each.  

Indoor play vs outdoor play

Time of year  

Indoor play areas provide a controlled environment that is protected from the weather, making them a great option for inclement weather or some shade from high temperatures. It can be difficult to find avenues of entertainment for children in the winter, but local play areas provide a fantastic venue that isn’t compromised by the weather conditions.  

Outdoor play areas, on the other hand, offer a wide range of natural experiences for children that enable them to engage with the environment. During the summer months, it can be wise to introduce an ideal mix of indoor and outdoor play to children, encouraging them to enjoy the sun or cool off in a play area with a great cooling system installed.  

At Funky Warehouse, our children’s play area is a fantastic choice all year round, we have complete control of our heating system and can adjust the temperature accordingly to make our guests comfortable.  


Both types of play areas can be beneficial for physical, social and emotional development in children. Providing excellent opportunities for children to develop gross motor skills such as running, jumping, and climbing but equally the ability to express emotions and engage with like-minded individuals.  

Funky Warehouse prides itself on the inclusive and friendly environment that homes our play area. Children form friendships and actively communicate with other individuals across all the activities in our venue, truly boosting their social skills and interactions. Equally, our soft play areas, trampoline park and ninja warrior in Gloucestershire demand children to navigate the various obstacles and improve their physical skills through using static and moving play equipment. Outdoor playgrounds are also a great way to achieve this in summer!  

Safe space  

Indoor play areas can be significantly beneficial for children with special needs, as they provide a safer and more controlled environment for them to play in. They are also a great option for children with sensory sensitivities, as there is better control of lighting, sound, and temperature of the space. Throughout the year, we offer allocated SEN sessions to children that prefer a quieter and calm environment, with the relevant adjustments made from our typical sessions that may be potentially overwhelming.  

Kids party ideas  

If you are looking for kids birthday party ideas during the colder season, it can leave you with very limited outdoor options. Whereas an indoor children’s play centre can host parties all year round without riding on the weather. This can prevent the chance of any upset children and a spoilt day! To find out more about our kids party packages, please get in touch.

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In conclusion, both indoor and outdoor play areas offer unique benefits to parents and children across the country. It's important to take into consideration the specific needs of your child and the environment in which they will be playing when choosing a play area. Both types of play areas can be fun and educational for children, and can help them to grow and develop in different ways.

If you would like to see what we can offer at Funky Warehouse, book a session and you won’t be disappointed.

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