Top Safety Tips For Indoor Fun

February 4, 2022

Safety is a key feature of any indoor fun venue, but what should you do to keep safe?

Top Safety Tips For Indoor Fun

Safety is at the forefront of all our minds when it comes to running a children's play area. We want everyone to be able to come and have fun in a safe environment so we have done the right things our end, but there are some things you can do too.

Remove jewellery

Just like in PE, we are told to take off any jewellery, we recommend doing the same when visiting Funky Warehouse. To prevent any injuries and accidents such as earrings being ripped out, it is safest to remove any jewellery on your children. When playing on an indoor trampoline or in a soft play area, it can be easy for things to get caught and result in an injury. Alternatively, wearing jewellery that is sentimental or of importance is at risk of getting lost or damaged. Therefore, for everyone’s safety, it is truly best to remove items.  

Tie hair up

Anybody with long hair should definitely tie it up before visiting our indoor trampoline park in Cheltenham. This will stop anyone accidentally treading on your hair and save a lot of pain. It is easily forgotten that long hair can get caught on some obstacles or stepped on by fellow visitors.

Loose clothing

We would recommend avoiding any loose clothing or skirts, dresses etc. This can stop you showing off more than just your trampoline skills. Furthermore, having anything loose can lead you to stand or trip on the clothing or accessories. To reduce the risk of injury and tripping over, it is best to avoid low hanging clothes or accessories.

At Funky Warehouse, the safety of our visitors is highly important to us and we ask you to play your part in implementing this safety. Our indoor trampolines, soft play area and ninja warrior course are all well-made and fit for purpose, so you can feel confident when your kids or yourself use the equipment.

Exciting announcement

We have some exciting news, Funky Warehouse is expanding and welcoming a new addition soon, Funky Laser Tag. If you want to find out more about our laser tag in Cheltenham, visit the website and register your interest.

If you want fun things to do in the West Midlands, book a session at our indoor play area and you won't be disappointed.

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