What Should You Look for When Choosing a Soft Play Party Venue?

April 22, 2024

At Funky Warehouse, we are renowned for hosting fantastic kids’ parties that are perfect for both little ones and their parents or carers. But what should you look for in a soft play venue?

Soft play areas are a key feature of childhood fun and social development. However, choosing the right place for soft play parties can significantly influence the overall experience and safety of the children involved.

At Funky Warehouse, we are renowned for hosting fantastic kids’ parties that are perfect for both little ones and their parents or carers. We invite guests to join a safe space that makes the day truly special for your child, from a dedicated party room to help with invitations, we can accommodate your requests. Choose from private venue hire, meaning that you get the whole place to yourselves, or get involved in the action with our other guests, followed by a private area for party food etc.  

In this article, we will explore essential aspects to consider when selecting a kids’ birthday party venue in your area.

How to Find the Best Birthday Party Venues for Children  

Safety Features

Safety is paramount when it comes to indoor play areas. A good venue will have well-maintained equipment, secure surroundings, and clear safety rules that everyone must adhere to. It is important to look for places that conduct regular safety inspections and adhere to health standards.


Given the nature of soft play areas where children are in close contact with the equipment and each other, cleanliness is absolutely paramount. Check if the venue is cleaned regularly and what measures they take to ensure hygiene, you can also get a feel for the place when you go to visit, to see if it aligns with your wishes. At Funky Warehouse, cleanliness is never compromised, and this is evident from the moment you step inside our indoor play area. The safety of our guests is our priority, and we conduct regular cleans to maintain a great environment for kids’ parties in Cheltenham.  


A good soft play area should offer a range of facilities, including bathrooms, changing areas, and a waiting area for parents. These facilities should be clean and accessible. At our indoor play area, we have an on-site cafe for guests to enjoy something to eat or drink, alongside other facilities that contribute towards the overall experience.  

Staff and Service

The attitude and professionalism of the staff can make a big difference. Friendly, attentive staff who are trained to handle parties of various sizes are what you should be looking out for. This ensures that everything runs smoothly and will leave you wanting to return for more soft play activities!  

Customer Reviews

Reading through customer reviews can provide insights into the experiences of previous visitors. Pay attention to comments about safety, cleanliness, and customer service.  

Book your Soft Play Party at Funky Warehouse  

If you’re looking for soft play parties near me, choose Funky Warehouse and you won’t regret your decision. Our 2024 diary is getting booked up, so be sure to get in touch and reserve your date!  

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