How are indoor play areas beneficial for kids?

June 29, 2022

There are many benefits of taking your children to indoor play areas and you can experience them all at Funky Warehouse.

Are indoor play areas beneficial for kids?

Are you trying to get your children more active but they don’t seem interested in getting involved? Visiting our indoor play area in Gloucestershire is an easy way to encourage kids to keep fit alongside several other benefits for them.

Keeping active

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring and lacking engagement, there are plenty of fun and interactive ways that allow your children to keep fit without even knowing it sometimes! Our indoor play areas are comprised of indoor trampolining, soft play and ninja warrior in Gloucester, meaning that you can book a session and let your children burn off their energy.

Whether they are bouncing away on our indoor trampolines, manoeuvring around our soft play areas or tackling the ninja warrior course, there is something for children of all ages to enjoy whilst simultaneously exercising.

If your child is often hyperactive or in need of letting off some steam, taking them along to our indoor play area can stimulate them to do exactly this but within the right environment.

Motor skills & characteristics

If you have younger children, soft play areas and indoor trampolining can be a great way of developing their motor skills. Running, jumping, climbing and many other activities can make a child work and build on their motor skills and movements in a welcoming environment.

On top of motor skills, a child can develop certain skills that will be beneficial to them in other scenarios. An example of this is problem-solving, a child will have to work around and establish how each element of the soft play is supposed to work and what they need to do.

Social interactions  

As a parent, we often want our children to make friends and be able to communicate well with other kids. Our indoor play areas are extremely sociable and kids will be able to build friendships and learn how to interact with various ages.

From this, kids will also be able to recognise different emotions and feelings of themselves and others, which can be extremely good for their development and applying it in other situations. This can help their social skills develop quicker and assist with working on friendships in school or similar places.

A safe place to be themselves

Funky Warehouse is a warm and welcoming indoor play area in Gloucestershire where kids can be themselves in a safe space. Bring your children to a venue with other like-minded people that are also there to play together and have an amazing time. Safety is at the forefront of our minds and you can feel confident in letting your child play freely in our premises.

Visit our indoor play area

There are many positives that go in hand with choosing to visit an indoor play area and you can see this first-hand at Funky Warehouse. Our team want each guest to have the best time and thoroughly enjoy themselves. As the kids take to the activities, we have an amazing on-site café where you can watch on with some delicious refreshments. Book a session of indoor trampolining, soft play or ninja warrior in Gloucester.

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