Rainy Day Activities: Bring Your Toddler to our Indoor Play Area

February 14, 2024

If you are looking for things to do in Cheltenham, this is the perfect indoor play area to bring your children, even when the weather is all doom and gloom.

Welcome to the ultimate guide for parents seeking the perfect rainy-day activities near me. At Funky Warehouse, we understand the challenges of keeping little ones entertained indoors when the renowned British weather is living up to its name. That’s why, we created an indoor play area in Cheltenham that is designed to turn those gloomy days into great memories for both you and your toddler.

If you’re looking for things to do in Gloucestershire, Funky Warehouse is the ultimate indoor activity for the whole family to enjoy. Choose from indoor trampolining, ninja warrior or our soft play, all under the same roof in Cheltenham.  

The Importance of Indoor Activities for Kids


Toddlers are at a crucial stage of development in their lives, and interactive indoor activities play a vital role in honing their fine and gross motor skills. Our play area encourages sensory exploration, helping your child develop coordination and balance. This is particularly prominent in our soft play centre, with static and moving obstacle courses, interactive areas and more for children to explore and work on their motor skills.  

Social Interaction

Beyond development and growth, Funky Warehouse provides a space for toddlers to interact with like-minded children, encouraging social skills from a young age. A play area environment promotes sharing, communication, and engagement which are essential elements for your child's social development. At Funky Warehouse, our local play area is the perfect place to watch your toddler interact with other children in the session, making friends and memories simultaneously.  

An Insight into our Indoor Play Area

Safe and Stimulating Environment

At our Kids play area in Cheltenham, safety is always our top priority. Our indoor trampoline park, soft play areas and ninja warrior course is equipped with child-friendly, padded equipment to ensure a secure play environment. Our staff members are always present to supervise and oversee the various areas, allowing you to relax in our onsite cafe and watch your toddler truly enjoy themselves.

SEN Sessions  

At Funky Warehouse, inclusivity is at the heart of our values, and we are proud to offer Special Educational Needs (SEN) sessions in our Indoor Play Area. These dedicated sessions are quieter with low volume music and dimmer lighting, to support those with diverse needs. We want to enable opportunities for everyone to enjoy our indoor activities and feel as comfortable as possible.  

Fun Things to do in Cheltenham  

If you are looking for things to do in Cheltenham, this is the perfect spot to bring your children, even when the weather is all doom and gloom. The weather doesn’t stop the fun at Funky Warehouse, so book your child’s place for indoor trampolining, soft play sessions or ninja warrior activities.  

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